Friday, December 16, 2005

Grrrr (and not in a good way)

Well, I was debating what I wanted to post. On the one hand, I was thinking of posting my favorite books, in an effort to get you guys to share and let me in on some good ones I might not have read, while at the same time sharing my favorites with you. On the other hand, I was thinking of posting about me and Mystery going to see The Nutcraker tonight, which I am looking forward to very much, and this would lead to a sentimental post about when I used to be a ballerina and my love for my former (now deceased) dance instructor, which would make me cry.

Neither of these sounded like particularly appealing options to me, I am unsure why. It may be in part because I am not in the mood to cry. It may be in part because I don't feel like talking about books because I am in the middle of one now, and distracting myself with my favorites will ensure I never finish it.

What I do think I will post about is something that has been on my mind quite a lot lately, and it concerns all of you. Do you find it odd how attached you get to the people who's blogs you read? Does it seem strange that there are people you will never meet that you care about so much?

When Spins was talking about her issues that have been going on lately (and by the way, if you haven't, go visit her, she's wonderful) I had half a mind to send a package, or jump a plane and take her away from everything, or whatever...I felt a wild need to do something, *anything* to try and fix it. When Lord Bargain has his emotional moments (love you, darling) there are days I want to cry for him, and cry for myself because I can't fix it. When you lot get sick, I worry to death about your health, when you have a good day I do a happy dance on the inside.

So tell me, am I an oversensitive baby? Or does anyone else feel like this about people they have never met, and may never meet, depending on circumstance and life paths? Am I silly for feeling like this? I don't I'd like a little feedback. That is, if you all aren't off to change your blog names and hide from me forever...heh heh.

Seriously, though. Tell me I am not nuts. Please.


sunshine said...
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Alecya G said...

who posted? I didn't delete anything! dangit!

sunshine said...

You are not nuts. You are one of the good peopl in blogland.

I think the reason we bloggers are all a tight nitch family is because we are all caring people. A little crazy, a lot emotional, but we always are there for each other. It's the confidentiality that keeps us as close as we are. I have met a fellow blogger, Hyde. I have had off blog conversations with a bunch of other bloggers. To tell you the truth, I don't want to meet any new blogger buddies. I like the 10 or so I have. I don't think you are crazy at all, not anymore than those of us you read about.

We should all care about each other, and comment, that is what a good friendship is about and our comments should be sincere and not the bullshit that you think people want to hear.

I think we are a lot more brutally honest to each other for the mere fact that we don't have to see each other every day and that our comments are truthful even if they are hurtful sometimes.

Optomistic critisism is what we are all looking for, or just plain optomisism for that matter. We are all a bit voyeristic or else we wouldn't be reading about others.

We are Family. Got to love us all for our insane and zany way and you do and that makes you a great friend and a person.

Thanks for commenting and being one of those people that does care about me and makes sure I am alive when I don't blog every week.


LB said...

there are things you motley bunch of poppets know that some of my closest friends don't.

and so, it's not weird in the slightest. It's tea dances and "going out on a Friday night" for the 21st century.

where else would I get a nice friendly conversation on a Friday night sitting in my lounge with a small person upstairs in bed, eh? (other than by paying, of course)

HistoryGeek said...

No not crazy at all.

The internet is a new way of meeting people. I was on a listserv about 10 years ago that was really amazing in terms of the people that I met, the things that I learned.

Thanks, too, sweetie, for wanting to cheer me up.

Hyde said...


Charby said...

No I care a strange amount about the people I've only ever read about and never met.
Course its not strange, they touch our lives and if we didnt care then we'd just hit the next blog button and never come back.

swisslet said...

I come here for two reasons:

1) You are a love

2) you are a good writer and you have some interesting things to say

those are the reasons I keep coming back to you. Each as important as the other (although as a human being, I think the first is crucial!)

Grr. (in a good way)