Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Push *eta pic*

A (relatively) PG-13 post

For the last few days I have had an inexplicable feeling of longing in my chest that I am reluctant to try and explain. It started out as an incredibly good mood and has morphed into something much stranger and harder to explain.

Part of me feels this incredible hollowness that echoes around what feels like the empty cavity of my chest. It tugs and pulls at me, and then moves up into my throat in this peculiar manner that makes me want to either scream out, or settle into a blanket and sob for hours. I can hear it moving around, bouncing off my insides and begging ‘please, please, please.’

The other part of me is the exact opposite of that strange feeling. I feel myself smiling secretly to myself, and giggling on the inside. Its a lusty laugh that invokes images of late nights, heavy lidded eyes and a bed piled high with pilows. I feel unusually pretty, and I have caught myself more than once looking in the mirror more than necessary, pouting, smiling and tossing my hair.

This other part is pushing out of me. It radiates in the sound of my boots on the floor, and from behind my eyes. People can see it, I am sure of it from some odd looks I’ve gotten. My skin tingles from the tips of my fingers all the way to the bottom of my toes. Wouldn’t you know, though, it settles around my waist, like someone holding me close to them, and I have a feeling like there is someone whispering in my ear all the time. My neck is prickling and there are odd times my skins feels as if its being kissed or nipped at.

Instead of screaming though, this part makes me want to moan, and to whisper secrets and wrap myself tight into a pair of warm and loving arms. Ironically, it also asks, in a completely different way, that odd refrain, ‘please, please, please.’


Odd. I cannot explain it. Its very odd for me to feel this way. Come think of it, I am pretty sure I have never felt this way. Whatever it is, its about to make me crazy, but in an almost good way.


LB said...

have you had cheese before you go to bed again?

HistoryGeek said...

Have you ever watched the TV series Dark Angel. The main character, the very scrumptious Max, used to go into heat.

That's a little bit what it seems like to me. Because there's this aggressive nature to it, too.

I don't know that other's notice it when I get in this state, but I tend to believe that no one really sees me...so you never know.

swisslet said...

wow.... sounds kind of nice.


Radiohumper said...

Yeah, that was vicariously fun to read about. And it sounds like sudden-estrogen-spurt-high to me. And yes, it does make you beautiful, if nuts. Enjoy.