Friday, December 09, 2005

Here's a Pretty Picture (Quote: Spins)

After that depressing post, I figure I ought to put up somethign happy.

So I am posting some pics of wedding gowns I like. Guys, turn your head for a minute. If you are anyhting like the guys I know, this will bore you to tears. These photos are courtesy of the


swisslet said...

I'm not bored so much as mystified....

Alecya G said...

The purple one. There is a similar one made in a dove grey by another company that I would love, but I couldn't get the pic to download

Hyde said...

You're talking to a girl who had a subscription to "Modern Bride" at age 13, and an album with the clippings of her favorites. No, I was not looking for a husband, mind you... it's all about the dress! If I never get married, at some point I'm going to have to say "fuck it" and throw myself a ball, of which I'm the star, and to which I'll get to wear the dress! (Btw-- my sister wore an impossibly gorgeous Reem Acra to her wedding two years ago).



HistoryGeek said...

Beautiful dresses....a very appropriate pretty picture option for the story you told.

I'm glad you are where you are these days.

I like the purple one too.