Thursday, December 22, 2005

The First Night

Alright. I am posting another bit of my pathetic attempt at writing. This one, unlike so many of my others, is strait from my head and has no basis in reality and is not drawn from my memory. Which is probably why it sucks. And asI am sure you have all noted, I am a budding erotica authoress, so this one is pretty dang racy. So I am going to [attempt to] put it in a dark color, so highlight it, and you should be able to see it. Otherwise, enjoy the picture and read the post "whisper" below, because i quite like it.


Tonight I walked home, savoring the cool air of the winter, scuffing my feet as I walked and listening to the soft skitter of pebbles beneath my feet. Ahead of me, I saw two young lovers stumbling off of a bus together. Their laughter echoed off the cobblestone and the walls of the apartments that line my street. Their hands were interlaced, and they pulled each other along easily, every once and a while stopping to kiss and hold each other tight before bursting into giggles and running on. They stopped in the doorframe of an old brownstone that was just a few paces from mine, and they could hardly seem to focus on the door, or the key, as they continued tugging, kissing and loving each other.

I thought of you. I thought of the first breathless moment that you kissed me and I felt the world moving beneath my feet. I remember the feel of your hands on my shoulders and the way your thumbs would stroke them in a steady, loving rhythm. I remember how you lifted me up into your arms and held me as if you never wanted to let me go. I remember that feeling of you, pressed so close to me, as I wrapped my arms around you and laced my fingers behind your neck.

The breeze was cool that night as well, although it was certainly not winter then. But it moved, tickling me, swirling my skirt around me ankles and nipping at my toes as they peeked from the tips of my heeled sandals. My hair, shifting back and forth, caught in the wind, would stray into my eyes and you would push it back from my face before leaning in to kiss me again and again.

Do you remember that night, I wonder? Do you remember how I whispered to you that I had waited an age for you? That it seemed a lifetime before your lips were finally on mine? It was forever, closing that gap and letting myself become yours as last. But I gave myself up to you - every kiss, every sigh, every touch that night was completely yours.

I begged you to take your time. I begged you to go slowly. I was desperately afraid it was going to be the only moment I had you, and I wanted it to last. I wanted to write the story of us in my mind so that I could relive that beautiful moment any time I wished.

And you did. You were painfully slow in kissing each of my fingers, in stroking my ankles and the tips of my feet. You would look up to me, moment by moment, with those huge, pleading eyes of yours, as if you were somehow asking permission to go on. You must have memorized every feature of my face, looking up to me like that, and listening for the sound of my sighs. I could never forget those looks- they were love, in a single glance.

Do you remember kissing the tear tracks down my cheeks when I lay at least in your arms? I cried, so hard, because you had worshiped every part of me and I loved you for it, whether I felt I deserved it or not. I remember the musk of your breath tickling my nose and embedding itself in my senses as you moved those soft, amazing lips of yours from my cheeks to my eyelids and then to my forehead.

Tonight I let the image of those lovers and of you chase themselves in a dizzying frenzy through my mind. Sitting by my window, letting the cool breeze blow in, I shiver, more from my need of you than from the cold. I think of where you are, what you must be doing, and I wondering if you miss me the way I am missing you. I think of your laugh as I hear those young lovers, smiling, cooing and making love beneath my window. I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and try to let you go.


LB said...

that's not racy at all, sweetie. Good, nonetheless.

swisslet said...

what's with all this highlighting stuff? Why not just publish and be damned?

You're a sensitive soul, petal, and I think you write beautifully, with none of the grunting and thrusting of lesser erotica!


Alecya G said...

haha! Thank you, you are all very sweet. Although, ST, I wouldn't mind posting some "lesser erotica" if I thought I would get away with it, without being flogged.

I am just a little shy, is all, especially about things like this...