Monday, December 12, 2005

Something Happy

I wanted to write something happy. I want something tender.


I love you. In a simple, yet complicated, unexplainable way, I love you.

I love your obsessions and your passions. I love the melancholy that you illustrate so beautifully when you are having a bad day. I love that you overcome it with optimism and good humor.

I love your tenderness. You approach everything with a reverence I have not seen in many people. You respect everything around you. And yet, you never fail to make a joke. I love how honest you are, and how you give your opinion without reserve. I know I can disagree with you, and we will still be friends.

I love your foresight. I love that you know what life is and you take it head on, although you may be afraid. I love that you are honest and fearless about your weaknesses. I love that when I think of you I think of someone who is like me.

I don’t think I will ever tire of you, or the way you make me discover new things. I learn things I would have never known of myself if it weren’t for you. I feel like I have known for all the time I have ever existed, and am sure that even in a past life we were the best of friends.

I love that you always make me laugh. When I am sad or angry I can turn to you and I am sure to feel better. Your odd brand of cynicism makes me feel like its okay to feel angry with the world, every once and a while.

I love you for your beauty. Your unchanging appreciation for all the things in this world that move you, your commitment to all things that are important to you. I think of you, against the stars and against lights, and see your smile. You enchant me with the things you care for, and I cannot help but want to care for them too.

I see myself in you. I see you fighting for the things you are desperate to get away from and I cheer for you on the inside. I cry for your suffering and I shake with the pain I know you feel sometimes. You amuse me with your opinions. Your commitment to things that are important to you inspire me.

I love your love of life. Your sense of adventure is amazing. You seem like you can take anything on, and you will love it and make something beautiful of it.

I love that you light a fire inside me. You take all the things I want to be aware of and you give me something to care about. You put your remarkable brand of activism and awareness on everything you do and say. I look at you and want to be more like you sometimes.

Your sincerity moves me. Your soulfulness is so genuine and heartfelt it brings me to tears. I think of you and I ache for the beauty and passion I can tell you bury deep inside. You make me want to dance. You make me want to lay in the rain and listen to the sound of it, so I can call and tell you just the way it made me feel.

I can trust you, and when I need you, you are always there for me. You make me smile every time I talk to you. You make me feel beautiful, and your faith in me gives me motivation to never let you down.

I cannot help but love you. I cannot help but want to curl up in your arms and stay there for always. I want to feel you near me. I want to never let you go. I want to always be able to close my eyes and feel that first moment we touched, and I knew there was a little of me buried deep inside you, and I had found it. You’ve knocked my world off its axis, and I don’t want it ever set right.

You make me feel like myself. You make me feel like I am home. You make me feel loved. You make me feel like I am everything. And I love you for it.

Tonight I will lay with my head on my pillow, and look up into the darkness, and think of you. I will think of the things you are hoping for, I will wonder what you are dreaming of. I will breathe in the feel of all the things you are to me, and I will love you.

There's a bit of each of you in this. I hope you saw it.



swisslet said...

you are such a warm, loving, caring, generous sweetheart....

of course, I've no idea if I'm in there or not, but it's loving nonetheless!


HistoryGeek said...

This makes me cry... I've been doing that a lot these past couple of days.

It was beautiful and I thank you.

And you are a sweet elf who has floated into our midst.

P'tit-Loup said...

That is the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. It made me see all of the folks I have loved in my life, and all of those I want to be close to.

Thank you for this lovely blog.

sunshine said...

Can I steal this?

It was amazing. Thanks for saying all the things I want to say, but can't put them to words.

You rock! Where is the NaNo thingy?

Charby said...

Awww, puts a lump in my throat, it lovely!

Hyde said...


LB said...

good lord, that is moving.

where've you been all our lives, eh?