Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Had an excellent time last night at the Christmas party. Froboy and I got along well, he kept me from being shy around a large group of people, many of whom I did not know. He also helped me trounce a lot of my coworkers in billards, which was excellent fun. (okay, he did most of the winning...) He was excellent comapny and all in all I had a lovely evening. I might actually look forward to other company functions now. I'll probably post pictures later. :)


sunshine said...

I love billards. I propose a challenge if we ever meet up.

Christmas functions for work, tend to turn out fun when you least expect it.


Alecya G said...

I accept *tosses glove*

Good to see you about, Sunshine.

I'll be getting the pics emailed to me tomorrow Foxy. ;)

Tehn you all will know what I look like ....

HistoryGeek said...

Sounds like a good time! Can't wait to see pics.