Thursday, December 22, 2005


You are just a whisper away - a secret, a stolen moment, a sigh.

Behind my eyelids I see us lying beneath a soft fleece blanket. I can feel the strong warmth of your arms, holding me tight around the waist as you and I settle in to say nothing and yet share everything. There is a strange comfort in knowing I will never have to speak to you to tell you how I feel. You know me in this still quiet better than my voice could ever tell you. As I lay there, safe, held tight against your chest, I know I could tell you everything. And you would whisper, "I know."

I could tell you anything. I can tell you the things I keep from everyone else. I murmur the moments I tuck away behind my heart to make sure no one else sees them. I can tell you the way you make me feel when I am close to you, without guile or shame. I know you'll smile softly at me and put your lips to my forehead. I can tell you the things that make my blood run cold and keep me up at night. And you'll pull me tighter, put my head to your shoulder and sigh a beautiful, deep, protective sigh.

You linger at my neck, your lips brushing me gently. Your breath moves my hair, your soft spoken words chasing tiny bumps of anticipation down my spine to the tips of my feet. When you are a hair's breadth away, so incredibly close to me, I feel nearly faint. When your mouth closes on mine, when your hands are threaded through my hair, when there is nowhere to go but closer to you; that is when you are a whisper to me. When you make me call to you, softly, insistently, sincerely. When you make me show my need for you - that is when I whisper for you.

But when you are far away and I am without you. When there is nothing but the pale memory of you and I, I take comfort in you being a whisper away. To say what you are to me, under my breath, when I miss you, is breathtaking. Suddenly, I can see your smile, remember you laughing, and all the little secrets we share. I remember the stolen seconds we get, when you and I seem to be the only people that matter. When all that matters is the moment, and you, I whisper.


sunshine said...

Again beautiful. I might borrow some of this too : )

Anonymous said...

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