Monday, October 17, 2005


So I am going over ideas for NaNoWriMo and I have a few, but I am lost as to what I would like to do.

Both my ideas I like, but I have been bouncing ideas off of Beloved and she is poking holes in them with such speed and glee I feel my time as a potential writer is dying quickly. This is why I don't let her read my stuff.

One idea I had was to write a cick type novel, only for lesbians, since , you know, I am one and this is what I know about. But I cann't seem to find a way tobring my girls together that is satisfying. Beloved says being accidientlly hit in the head with a baseball is not probable, that spilling coffee is overdone (is it?) and that meeting in the feminine hygene isle is so pathetic and rediculous I would have to write a comedy.

The other idea I had was about the county fair. There seem to be so few people who have ever been to one, and I am of the firm opinion that you can learn every life lesson you need at the fair. But I wouldn't know how to write it.

I did have an idea to write a fiction based on a family of women (inspired by my mother's 5 sisters) and see how that went, but I know it would be sad. I am used to writing depressing stuff. I wanted to move away from that.

Help. Please?


sunshine said...

Can't you use some of your life experiences? How did you meet Beloved? Past relationships? What if it was a friendship that blossomed? Old friend from high school? I'm stretching now. You are the writer, the creative one, you'll figure it out, and I'll be waiting.

Ok, so how did it go w/ Sweet today? Did she have an excuse for her absense?

Alecya G said...

That's where most of teh ideas come from, but i want to make them more fiction than fact.

I am leaning more towards tehir fair or the sisters, I am just unsure. I suppose I ought to be writing for pleasure, so I should write somethign I enjoy..I dunno.

As far as Sweet went, I acted like a 5 year old and made my own breakfast this morning. I'll catchup to her after I have calmed down...I'm still pretty annoyed. And I will be able to tell if she is lying, so I better mellow first. I figure if she didn't bother call or mail all weekend, she isn't going to bother with excuse or apology. Ah, well.

I'll start posting excerpts in November. Right now I am sketching plot outlines. I have a terrible feeling I am going to pick on Nov. 1 when I sit down to the computer. So I have been writing out outlines for all three ideas.


red one said...

I have been accidentlly hit on the head by a cricket ball (this is england) if that helps at all.

There were no romantic results, though.


Alecya G said...

Ha! Mwahahahaha! See! Beloved said it was not possible at all.

Now I can tell her it happened.