Friday, October 14, 2005

What I Always Wanted

Tonight is the big night. I am going out with Sweet. Beloved called a friend and they are going out together so I do not feel guilty. It makes me a lot happier to know she will behaving a nice evening as well.

I am really rather excited. I hope things go well. I am sure they are. I went in to see her this morning and she ws busy putting out bagels and she looked a little out of sorts. Then again, her bitchy boss was working too, so I would be out of sorts if I were her as well.

Speaking of her bitchy boss. I used to work for her at a tlelmarketing company when I was in high school I ended up getting fired because I had to be put in the hospital for my headaches. She told me that if I couldn’t learn to get my priorities strait that I would never amount to anything in life.

Its nice to know that she is now working in a bakery café as a manager and I am actually doing pretty close to what I wanted to do for a living. Not because I want her to be unhappy, but because I proved her wrong. I did make something of myself, and I still put my health first. Heck, maybe she lieks being a bakery manager. You never know.

I always wanted to be an author. Now, I suppose, I got what I wanted. I work in a different industry. But I still write books/manuals and they are my work. I am pretty proud of that. (Not to mention I haven’t finished college –yet. I will though.) Still, I do have a blog, and I get to write here, and I think that my writing is not too bad. You are my test audience and you can tell me how awful it is, or is not. And I can be personal, like the one below I did for Sunshine. (Sometimes you guys really inspire me.) One day I’ll get around to publishing, but in the mean tiem I am doing something I like for a job and somehing I love for a hobby.

That works out well, right?

This does bring me to another point. I have a friend who has finished college and got a degree in breative writing nad literature. He, like me, wants to be a novelist. See, the thing is, he is working in a department store, totally miserable, selling shoes and making no money because if he can’t get accepted to an Ivy League or publish a novel, no other work is good enough for him.

He is a decent writer, and he founded the first (wildly sucessful) literary magazine for his school, which was a pretty big, pretty good school. (As a side note, one of his co-editors his senior year saw some of my work on his desktop and insisted that it be published too.) He had sent me bits of a novel he was writing and asked me to edit it a few months ago. I asked him if he wanted me to really, or if he just wantedpositive feedback, because I know how he takes criticism.

Well, it was awful, and I didn’t put it that way, but I did make it clear that it wasn’t pubishable, or even close at that point and he needed to iron out a lot of wrinkles. His ego must have taken quite a blow. He hasn’t written or called since and we normally talked on the phone once a week and via email every day. I feel kinda bad. But I did the right thing, right? I saved him from submitting something badly written and with poor storyline to a publisher and ruining his chances of being taken seriously.

Well. I think that’s it for now. As a sid enote, I know I do not spell check, and I appreciate that you guys tolerate it and don’t make fun of me.


PS- I also need to add a thank you to Sunshine and Spin for being so incredibly supportive lately. I appreciate the advice and love and ‘stuff’. Jay – I’d add you too, but since we are friends outside cyberspace, I think you already kow I appreciate you.


HistoryGeek said...

I think it's hard as a writer to take or give criticism. So much of yourself goes into the writing that it can be hard to seperate critique of the writing with critique of yourself. You might want to check in with your friend...there might also be other stuff going on.

Alecya G said...

Oh, I am not that hateful. I have been emailing him on a egular basis. He just won't answer. He's being contrary I think . I am going to wait it out. He'll come around. And if he doesn't...I'll feel bad. Cause I care about him and he's one of my oldest friends. But, he has to learn to take it. If he can't handle carefully worded criticism from me, how will he cope with critics? I take it from him all the time. Or I used to. Nah, he is pouting. I sent him one asking if he was dead. I got a reply on that. "No."

mature., huh?


Antonio said...

I have a buddy that writes music, in a very critical manner of today's society. He always askes for a completely honest critique, and I have sent him a ton of painful ones: Why it can't make radio, his vocals, too long, bad choice of chords, then once I got to tell him it was the best thing I'd ever heard him do. Sometimes rough people are just sandpaper knocking off rough edges.