Friday, October 07, 2005

I Need

She’s kneeling at my feet. The beautiful woman with obsidian eyes and hair like polished silver has my ankle in her hands and she is softly stroking it with her hand. As she does, a beautiful paint appears on my skin, it is so soft and cool and comforting all at the same time. Its black, and she is painting me a bit like a warrior tonight and I feel like there is nothing that I wouldn’t be able to conquer for her tonight. She paints on me these gorgeous black boots, with laces made of gold. Up the back of my calves there is a thin line of gold and bronze in the center.

She moves up my thighs and the insides of my stomach, circling beautiful swirls of color. She paints beautiful tribal symbols down my back and binds my long, curling hair up in a fillet made of gold. She lines my eyes with a dark kohl and scents my hair with perfume.

When she finishes she looks at me with hope in her eyes.

“Take me with you,” she begs. Her voice is husky and cool like steel and water.

I hear my own voice, otherworldly and strange, whisper assent, “As you wish.”

I wrap her in my harms and take her away with me in a swirl of wind that blinds us both. When we land, on the shores of that beautiful lake where I live, I take her hand, and lead her up the cold stone stairway.

She shivers at my touch, and I can hear her think ‘I need, I need, I need’

I know what she needs, and I reach out and touch her neck. I bend down, and go to brush my lips there, and I see her eyes light up with fire.

And, I wake. I am shivering with cold and aching with a need for love.


sunshine said...

Wow! That was intense. I was almost there.

I'm confused. After reading the last entry. Are you in a relationship currently?

I really need to get with the program. Maybe I'm being too nosey. If so let me know.

Alecya G said...

No! I don't mind at all.

Yes, I am in a relationship, I call her Beloved, most of the time. She would absoluely murder me if I put anything close to her name on here.

The dream, see, and I am glad you brought this up, because I have a hard tiem explaining it. It is similar to the post titled "Goddess dreams" I have been having bits and peices of this dream for almost a month now, off and on most nights. And its not that I am not loved, as it is, there is this woman, all these people in this dream and I am everything to them, you know. I really am a goddess. And somewhere inside, I think its both really hot and really, sad almost, that there could be a love like that. Romantic love that borders on religeous zeal. That just a kiss could send you over the edge. Its beautiful and frightening.

Does that clear it up? Or were you asking about Sweet?Because I am "crushing" on her, as in I think she is really pretty and has a kick ass personality abnd she makes the best steamer inthe city. But I would never touch her. She's off limits. I could probably do an entire entry on the beauty of an unattainable crush.

Keep coming back. Ilove visits.

Can I link to you?


sunshine said...

Me again too.

Link me up.

I was confused because you were asking "crush" out when I thought you already had a "beloved". I'm all clear now. Thanks.

I live about an hour away from Philadelphia. That is where the two shows are.

I assume you hating me for seeing NIN is a good thing : )

I feel like my posts have been boring lately. I hold back a lot of the time because of my anonymous writer. He is an x of mine. It's weird letting out my deepest thoughts when I know he is reading. Also, I am divorced and my x knows I blog, I fear if he would ever find this blog (he found my first one) he would know my personal life and that would devastate me. I keep it low key. I let out little bits of info about myself and let the reader try to piece it all together. Hopefully you get some jist of who I am.

I'll be back soon!

Alecya G said...

Ahhhh...I seee. No. I am not interested in sleeping with Sweet. I mean, I wold be, but I would never try. Gosh, thats confusing.

Do you remember that pop song "Crush"? Its kinda like that. I wouldn't cheat on Beloved. I really do love her.

I know the fear of being found out. Beloved knows I blog, and I am sure she cold find me, but I hope she doesn't try. I write a lot and I don't let her read my writing. I would be crushed f she hated it. And this is a good way for me to explore a bit more of my darker, sarcastic side that I wish I could be more of in real life.

I am glad you like my writing. I am trying to keep it "pg" rated as much as possible, although I would like to pblish some of my more adult stuff. No xxx or anything, just - adult.

Take care. I will link up asap. I just am a dummy on this formatting crud.


Antonio said...

I hope you don't mind a guy commenting in here. I see your sensual side in your writing, and compliment you keeping it PG. It takes a real artist to talk about adult subjects and not sound like a bad porno mag.
Keep it up

I wish I had more time to read

Alecya G said...

I don't care who comes here. If I remember right, I told you to come here, silly. Thanks for visiting.

I am glad you liek my writing style.