Friday, October 14, 2005

Stood Up

Should I even be suprised anymore? I don't think so. No phone call. No email. No anything. Lovely.

Well, there's a great example right there as to why I can't make friends. I can't even pick them.

On the up side, this does cure me of my friendly crush on Sweet.

Best part is, I spent the evening with Beloved watching romantic movies. Much better than getting drunk anyway, right?



sunshine said...

There are days where it's good to stay in w/ a loved one. There are also days when you need to go out and get drunk.

Today I haven't done either. But it's only 12:45 am. I'm awaiting a call to go out. I'm getting to old for this. lol.

You welcome for the support.

GJC said...

see, that just sucks. she better have a good explanation--like 'i simultaneously coughed up a lung and severed all my fingers, so i couldn't call or e-mail to let you know i wasn't gonna show.'

Alecya G said...

Oh, I love you guys.

I think I am oficcialy over it. I still have the (sick) pleasure of knowing I get to make her make my breakfast every morning. That's mean isn't it?