Tuesday, October 18, 2005

TOP 5 - Restaurant Edition

Had lunch with Beloved today.

Top 5 Ways to Kill a Tip

5. Don't refil drinks. Ever.
4. When asked the time, Cross your eyes, say 'I don't know I don't carry a watch and walk off"
3. Don't give them the time. Ever.
2. Build up you clientele on how great a specific desert is. Tell them how good it is. Have them order it. Tell them it is not available that day.
1. Call your clientele "kids" Make it obvious you are younger than them.

Next time I am picking the restaurant.


sunshine said...

You should have left a tip. When I hate my servers, this is what I do.

Leave a condom on the table with a note attached.

"Here's your tip, have safe sex"

: )

Alecya G said...


I tipped her. I never don't tip. I just don't tip well.

But that's a good idea...