Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Goddess Dreams

For the last few nights I have had a strange dream that lingers with me when I wake. It chases me down my hallway, through the workday and back in to bed at night.

I am walking in an alleyway, the walls of the buildings are made of glass that shimmers and beckons to me, yet I cannot see through it. When I reach out to touch it, I pass through into another place. It is a giant plaza with marble floors that echo as I walk under an open, brilliant lavender-blue sky.

I wander through the alleys of the plaza, and people come up to me and take my hand to lead me through them. They are strange, beautiful people, who whisper in a strange language I somehow understand. They pet my face and stroke my hair. The kiss my hands. They are amazing, some have eyes that glitter in the dark alleys, some hair that flows to their feet, some voices that sound like thunder.

I realize as I walk with them that somehow I can make things better for them. Anything they want, I can create it - change it. When we come to the edge of a lake that looks like it is made of cut glass and sapphires I already know what to do. I lift to the sky, stretching my legs out far behind me. Pirouetting, twisting turning, I swoop down to let my feet grace the top of the water, where the drops linger against my ankles, reluctant to let me go.

When I reach the other side, I find a giant palace waiting for me. Not a castle, per say, but a huge house full of rooms, courtyards and fountains. People are everywhere. They come to me with gifts, love and soft touches. I am taken to a room where everyone is painted. These people paint instead of wearing clothes, a beautiful expression of who the person is.

A woman with obsidian eyes comes to braid my waist length hair in long flowing weaves that fall down my back. Another paints my eyes blue and violet. A man with no hair and a voice that echoes inside my chest paints boots of black and gold onto me, while another traces dizzying circles across my back.
I wake, crying almost, wishing to go back. Each night I go further. I wonder what place I will go tonight?

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