Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kitty Bath Time

Yep, its that time again.

I have two beautiful cats, which I think I talked about in one of my first posts. To save you the trouble of going back - Jack, a 2 y/o tuxedo cat who loves me almost as much as I love beloved and Roxie, a 3 y/o mancoon tabby who hates me as much as Jack loves me. She belongs toBeloved, really.

We went to the vet the other day and it turns out Roxie had fleas. How she got them I don't know, but she does and I purchased every flea killing method on the planet, including a carpet spray, the kitty version of K9 Advantix, and flea shampoo (and all for the bargain price of..well, lets say it was about a quarter of my paycheck. I about died)

So tonight the children got a bath.

Bath planning is very important. Firstm we have a specific order, Roxie first, Jack second. Jack likes Roxie and her fur, so its easier to get him into the tub if she's always been there. Plus Roxie won't fight as much as Jack and so we like to have a warm up round.

Next we have to pretend like nothiong is going on, scoop the cats up and run like hell to the bathroom.

Run the water while they get their yowling out of the way, strip (I get in to hold them) and start scrubing.

I'd like to mention that I am now sporting two matching, very lovely, red scratches that run down the length of my inner thigh, because that's where both of them like to scratch me, as if they know they can punish me by making my already slow sex life more painful than it already is by inflicting scratches ...well you get the point.

Jack, I need to mention, has apparently been trainign as a kick boxer on the side, because his back legs are so strong. He kicked me hard enough to send me tumbling backwards into the water. It makes me glad that he 1) doesn't have front claws and 2) that I have Beloved in there to help me.

So anyway. We're all done now, kitty Advantix applied and they are in their respective sulking places; Jack in the floor on my area rug and Roxie in Beloved's lap wimpering like I've beaten her. I can hear Beloved from here, cooing to her, "Its okay, mean momma won't do it anymore, I promise"

Mean momma. Ha. And she can promise all she wants. That cat still has fleas and I'll shave her bald if I have to.

Anyway. I am going to limp off to the sewing table now, I can do that with relative ease while I recover. Did I mention Lil' Bits constume was 8" too small. I am going to insist on a pattern next time.

Wet, smelly and bleeding-


HistoryGeek said...

From this perspective that was hilarious! Bathing a cat!

Well, at least you know you don't have fleas now (since you got to bathe with them), too.

Alecya G said...

I thought you might get a kick outof it. I think its funny and I was the one bleeding.

Jack didn't sleep with us last ngiht to punish us. I woke up this morning and they had both slept inthe windows and it looked like they had drunk a bottle of fabric softener they were so fluffy!