Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am so happy right now. I have had a fantastic weekend. i can't even believe how well it has gone.

I came home friday and Beloved had left flowers on the table for me (purple roses - may favorite) and she had picked up a bunch of movies and we spent the evening cuddled on the couch together watching the movies.

We got up on Saturday and drove out of town and spent the day together, and then ccame back to town, cuddled some more on the couch and watched more movies.

Today we went shopping and then I went to our first NANo meeting for our area. I had a great time.

I may not have mentioned this before, but I do not do well with friends, for some reason, I just can't pick them, and it always seems that Beloved's friends can't stand me. So. When I got there today and there were all these people that were like me that laughed at my jokes instead of giving me this glassy stare, I felt like a million bucks. I honestly felt like I was supposed to be there, which sounds pathetic, I know, but is a feeling I haven't exactly felt in a while. I even felt out-nerded, which I have missed so much. It seems like all the people around me have no clue what its like to want to be educated, or to want to read for fun, or create just for the beauty of reation.

I like that I can be around people who understand that. But I also like that they don't take themselves too seriously either. Yeah, its official, I feel like a complete loser for writing allt his.
But hey, that's what blogs are for, right?

So, this has been a pretty nice weekend. I and think the creative juices are flowing, because I have been feelign it more for my story lately. Which is good, because during November I have a feeling I am going to hate it. Which is fine. As long as I get through it.

So that is the story of my happy weekend. :)

I might get around to posting some writing pretty soon, because I atually feel like writing.

Oh! I also have to add, because it freaked me out. Did anyone see that ABC special about the little twins that looked like barbie's and sing (no pun intended I suppose) Nazi stuff. It frightened me. These kids said on camera that they didn't believe all those Jews were killed in the holocaust because there weren't 6 million Jews alive at the time. Is that crazy or what?

I mean, I am all about people being allowed to express themselves n any way they like. And I appreciate that the freedom they enjoy that allows them to think that also allows me to be a bleeding heart liberal dyke. However, I can't fathom the kind of people who teach, even encourage, hate so young in lidfe. It makes me sick to think that there are people so intolerant. I hate it. I could get started on the I wish rant of how tings could be so much better if we all loved eachother and were tolerant and understanding. But I think we all know that can't ever really happen. nd that really saddens me.

Wow. I am SUCH a downer.

So, er, have a good weekend. :{

eta. I tried to post this last night and blogger qas being stupid. So here it is now. But I wrote it yesterday.


Hyde said...

Yay for your good weekend! I saw a few minutes of that show, but then got a phone call and didn't catch the rest. It was freaky stuff. But I suppose we can be grateful that it is way out of the mainstream...


HistoryGeek said...

I didn't see the special, but I think I've heard of these children. It's frightening, but one can hope that someday they will grow up and experience something of the real world (since it really is a very minority view) and learn the truth.

I'm glad your weekend was extra special. Isn't it wonderful to find your "people?"

Alecya G said...

Yep. Its fantastic. About the people, not the kids.

I saw you've been busy Hyde. ;) Let me know if you ever need anything, if I can do anything here from the midwest...

Spin, is the NaNo stress building yet? I felt like a dork for being the only one in my group writing a "serious" peice. Everyone else is doing Lesbian Ninjas and Virgin Pirates and Giant Squids, so...if mine gets laughed at, I am in trouble...

Charby said...

Purple roses?! I'd never heard of them but they sound dead funky!
Are you doing that Nanowrimo thing like Spins then? I'm toying with the idea of trying it.

Alecya G said...

Yes, I am doing NaNo (its all urban fox's fault) and I am look ing forward to it. Its worth a go even if you know you can't finish, I think.

Purple roses are absolutely beautiful, and they're rather hard to get a hold of around here, so when I see them, it always reminds me that she loves me.

I first got her purple roses before we started dating in an attempt to prove to her I really did care about her, and she stood me up at a meeting at ehr apartment, so I left her the roses and a note and went to the diner and waited for her to come see me. I waited four hours and it was totally worth it. *sigh*

ever since then, its been purple roses for romance.

Charby said...

Awww, no ones ever brought me flowers. :( Unless you count the dandelion the boy next door gave me when I was about 4 which had a caterpillar in it :(

GJC said...

I just heard of those scary little girls today. know, I used to get worked up about baby extremists; then I realized that for the most part, the idiocy burns itself out. Hell, I used to be a Republican.

You guys are making me kinda sorta think I should take a stab at NaNo. But NaNo causes illness. At least, it does for me. Every year I've decided to try, I've immediately been attacked by some vile microbe. So maybe I'll just PRETEND I'm not doing it, in the hopes of keeping the germs at bay.

If LJ brought me flowers I think I'd pass out.