Monday, October 17, 2005

NaNo ideas. Input welcome.

I have narrowed it down, I think to two.

Lesbian fiction is totally out. I think there is too much for me to tackle in one go. I want to let this idea simmer, and I want this to be something for later.


Option 1 – Story about Christmas Dinner for a family. Narrator granddaughter. Mom has five sisters. Things have changed a lot. She reminisces about past Christmases and family changes with another family member, possibly her sister. Literary Fiction Piece. Mostly sad, with funny moments.

Option 2 – Story about female who is taking a friend to the fair for the first time. Story told in pictures of their trip. Chapter titles reflect life lessons learned at the fair. Mostly funny, sarcastic and light.

Which sounds better?


sunshine said...

Option 1

HistoryGeek said...

They both sound really great.

Alecya G said...

Option one it is.

I was leaning that way too. I just feel like a freak for always writing stuff that makes people sad.

I have to run off and name my characters then.

I have a LOT of characters to name.