Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blind Rage

This is withregards to the post below. Man I am having a bad day.

Okay. I can cope with having tacos at mom’s place for Lil Bit’s birthday if thatis what she wants. That’s what my mom told me. Lil Bit said she loved mom’s tacos and that is what she wanted.

Liar! I’ll admit I was being trecherous and called my grandmother to see if we could talk to Lil Bit and see if she would like Chuckee Cheese or The Pizza Place that has Go-Karts or Something. (I know this is totally hateful because I don’t want my mom’s food. But she is 6 and can’t be expected to make a decision as to where to eat when you ask ‘where should be eat?’ I’d say ‘I want Tacos’ too.)

My grandmother says that it didn’t have anything to do with Lil Bit wanting tacos. My mom a) has a headache b) doesn’t want to mess with meeting at a resaurant c) didn’t want to spend the money on it.

Okay. First. I know I am going to soundliek a hypocite, but she should at least let Lil Bit pick! Good grief. She didn’t get a choice. She just made it up!

Second, I don’t care if you have a headache, if you marry a man with a 6 year old daughter and you want her to call you mom and be your buddy and have custody of her then you give her a birthday party whether you feel good or not. She’s 6. Dinner at home is not a party! Chuckee Cheeze or Skeeball and Go-carts or a happy meal even, that’s a party.

Third, its not about messing with it. I would have organized it if she had asked me too. Hell, I am doing everything else for her. I would not have minded. I would have called a clown or gotten balloons or found her little friends at school and gotten them together. That’s part of it. I don’t want to see my mom and my brother particularly. I resent 3.0 I admit. But I go, because that little girl calls me sissy and wants me to be there. I tough it out. Be an adult. She never would have done that to me as a child and I resent that ‘its good enough’ for this little girl just because she isn’t her blood daughter. Arghhhh!

Fourth, my mom can’t manage her money. I admit. They just bought a house they can’t afford. (they move in on Halloween) They just bought a brand new car they can’t afford. They just went shopping with me and spent more money than I makeina quarter on clothes for her, 3.0 and my brother, who is 22 and should be buying his own crap. BUT THEY CAN”T FORK OUT $25 FOR TWO PIZZAS AND SOME GAME TOKENS???? They aren’t even having a cake. I want to scream. When I was little girl and my mom pulled crap like this my grandma steped in and helped out. But grandma is broke too and I can’t afford a cake and presents and a trip to the pizza place for 10 people because I have this thing called a budget. See, I know I would end up paying for everyone, because this is what happened on mothers day and grandparents day and every other time I go to a restaurant with them. They say one check and then give it to me and wilt into their checkbooks sadly. Not kidding. 3.0 crashed my mothers day date at a very expensive restaurant in our town, said ‘I’ll just stay a minute’ and then ordered an imported beer or three, a steak dinner and desert and then ducked out as I got the check.

I am not having it this time I would have bought my pizza. I would have chipped in for the cake. Grandma would have boght her pizza. All they would have had was pizza for four kids and them. And if you can’t afford 4 kids, well, sack it, man. Really.

And she lied. It kills me.

Poor kid. I am going at lunch and picking up a cake at least. I am sure they are expecting I will. And I will. Because she is turning 6 and she deserves it. She’s a sweet girl.

Arrrrghhh! My mom makes me nuts. Okay. End rant.



Antonio said...

And our parents wonder why we spend all our time with our own kids and don't wanna hang out with Mom and Dad anymore once we're old enough to act out our own more realistic version of normal. (Forgive spelling, major sinus headache. One per day for about six weeks! )

Hang in there, Lil Bit is WORTH IT

Maybe Sis and lil bit have their own party at Chuckie/Incredible/Wherever?

sunshine said...

Is 3.0 the step dad? How old are you AG?

Ok. You have valid points for ranting. Getting the cake is a good thing. I do understand not having money for a party though, however I'm going to give my daughter one on her next one. Probably Chuckie Cheese. Life is too short to bicker over the little things. The child will remember her shitty 6th birthday and she won't blame you because you had the most important part. The cake!

Alecya G said...

Yeah 3.0 is my stepdad.

I am 23, 24 in Jan.

Thing is, if I had known she was going to do this, I would have budgeted a party in. But since she went psycho on me...I won't keep going. This day just keeps gettng worse.

I have had two bright spots today - you liking my writing and Sweet pinned me down to make sur eI wasn't backing out on drinks. Which made me smile.