Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Beautiful Snowflakes

I learned about snowflaking today, at NaNoWriMo. I have my story summary all ready.

So wanna read it, huh? Huh? Okay. Twisted my arm. Tell me how it sounds so far. *Ahem*

This Christmas, Barb's family Christmas party will reveal some painful insights. Her granmother's age is beginning to show. Her mother's knack for spreading discord is brought to a new level. The aunts she loved as a child are too consumed with greed and grief to be bothered with holiday cheer. The nieve hopes of her sister drive her to despair, but remind her that family may change, but her love for them won't.

No title yet. Sound Awful? Feedback! Please :)

Especially Sunshine who put me on to this one...j/k


sunshine said...

Ohhh, the pressure!

Honestly, I'm already confused. Too many women I think. Knock off an aunt or something. Also, do you intend on throwing in one man to balance things a bit or is this an all woman piece? If it is, that's ok. Is Barb the only character with a name? In your summary you may want to name the other main character, or characters. Is this going to be like a narrative piece where it is being told from Barbs point of view?

Ok. I know nothing at all about writing, so I don't even know if they are good questions, and why on earth would you listen to me? First mistake :)

Alecya G said...

Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that. I am working on the character list.

Barbara is the main, and her sister Abigail. Yes, there will be men in the story, but everyone who is not barb or abby is not really a main character. They just contribute to the overall depression of the main character.

For example, Barb sees her granmothers heartbreak over not being able to give her grandchildren more and it pains her.

Her mother says the dinner prayer and calls out every family member for their sins.

All Barb really wants is for Christmas to be the way it was when she was a little girl. Happy and all that.

It will be narrative, but I am not sure if I will switch narration at all.

HistoryGeek said...

Wow, sounds intense. You might want to have lot's of happy things on hand to keep yourself balanced during the month you write this.

Still it sounds like a great beginning.