Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Questions, part 2 - cause I am not a complete moron

This is shamelessly stolen from Charby’s blog. Go visit Charby. A delightful and sensitive person. I felt really moved visiting there. But since I have a few regular visitors, I thought this might be fun for me to do. Do one yourself of you want, although I imagine you guys don’t have as much time on your hands as I do.

I also need to plug sunshine, so go visit her as well. Sweet girl ,she is.

01. gum: Trident Strawberry Breeze, which I don’t think they make anymore.
02. restaurant: Olive Garden, Panera Bread
03. drink: soft: gramma’s ghetto tea, lots of sugar; hard: Crown Royal strait up
04. season: Autumn. The leaves, the weather, the smell of the air.
05. type of weather: Mid-60s. Jeans and t-shirt weather.
06. emotion: gratitude
07. thing to do on a half day: Sleep, walk dogs
08. late-night activity: dancing
09. sport: softball
10. city: Chicago, IL or Eureka Springs, AR
11. store: Oooh. Hard one. Borders.

_______When Was The Last Time You_______

12. cried: Bonnie Raitt Concert. Two nights ago.
13. played a sport: This summer. Softball team.
14. laughed Hysterically: Um, in my bed a week ago. This golf course we are doing work for (I work for an electric company) designed this canopy to go over their drving range, the lights in it were 3x’s the strength of gas station lights, and the canopy was only 12’ tall. It’s the equivelent of being able to tan under these things in the middle of the night.
15. hugged someone: Last night. Beloved’s mom
16. kissed someone: This morning. Beloved.
17. felt depressed: This morning.
18. felt overworked: Um, three months ago before I started my fabulous new job.
19. faked sick: Um, about three months ago before I started my fabulous new job.
_______What Was The Last_______

21. word you said: Thanks
22. thing you ate: Fruit Rollup
23. song you listened to: On Purpose? Killer’s Somebody told me, I think. I won’t count the crap they pipr though our offices
24. last thing you drank: Coke 1
25. place you went to: Sweet’s café for lunch
26. movie you saw: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
27. movie you rented: Monster in Law (family movie night)

_______Who Was The Last Person You_______

28. hugged: Beloved’s mom Peggy Sue
29. cried over: Beloved
31. danced with: Waffles- ex from long ago I saw out the last time we went dancing
32. shared a secret with: Chica, softball coach.
33. had a sleepover with: Snaps, Beloved’s sister when we went to a wedding
34. called: My granmother
35. went to a movie with: Beloved
36. saw: My boss
37. were angry with: Beloved
38. couldn't take your eyes off of: This isn’t fair. Okay. Sweet.
39. obsessed over: Um, the woman with obsidian eyes in my dreams

_______Have You Ever_______
40. danced in the rain: Yes
41. kissed someone: Yes
42. done drugs: yes
44. partied 'til the sun came up: Yes, and back down again
45. had a movie marathon: yes. Last weekend. Indiana Jones baby!
46. gone too far on a dare: Of course
47. spun until you were immensely dizzy: And promptly threw up/


55. i'm feeling: plesant
56. i'm listening to: “Strait from the Heart” gag
57. i'm doing: not my job58. i'm talking to: no one in particular
59. i'm craving: ice cream. Odd that
60. i'm thinking of: sewing
61. i'm hating: um, can I mention politicians without the secret service coming after e? How about Oprah. I hate her.


62. love is: 0, the Score in tennis. You have everything and nothing to lose.
63. my first love: Alexy. I didn’t realize it until it was way too late. And yeah, it was a guy. Bite me.
64. my current love: Beloved. Great name huh?
65. love or lust: love on a good day.
66. best love song: My Lover, Melissa Etheridge
67. possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time: Yes
68. when love hurts: isn’t that how you know its love?
69. is there such thing as love at first sight?: yes

_______Opposite/Same Sex_______

70. turn ons: eyes, mouth, personality, honesty, confidence
71. turn offs: vanity, bitterness
72. does your parent's opinion on your girlfriend/boyfriend matter to you?: yes, butit won’t change how I feel about the person. I would be hurt if they hated them, or whatever…
73. what kinda hairstyle are you into?: Shoulder length or shorter
74. what is the sweetest thing a guy/girl can do for you?: Be patient
75. where do you go to meet new people?: Haha. I should say coffee shops…I don’t go anywhere specific, really.
76. are you the type of person to ask for numbers?: I am the type of person to give mine if it is requested and I have known them for more thanone day.

_______Picky Picky_______

77. dog or cat: Not fair again, I have both. If I lived alone, cat. If I had a hughe house, huge dog. 78. short or long hair: long on cat, short on dog. Oh, people? Short, girls – see above- Long on guys, for the most part.
79. sunshine or rain: Sunshine is a sweet person. I have never met rain. J/K rain. I think.
80. hugs or kisses: yes, please
81. summer or winter: summer
82. written letters or e-mails: hand written letters
83. nintendo or motorcycles: motorcycles
85. house party or club: club with close friends
86. sing or dance: sober/sad – sing. Drunk/happy- dance
87. freak or slow dance: slow, really close, whispering.


88. how are you today?: Frustrated and chipper. Paradox, no?
89. what pants are you wearing right now?: Jeans
90. what shirt are you wearing right now?: Tommy deconstructed looks like shirt under shirt newspaper shirt.
91. what does your hair look like at the moment?: Strait and messy. That photo over there is pretty close, actually.
92. what song are you listening to right now?: Walkingo n Sunshine. Gag again
93. how is the weather right now?: Perfect
94. who was last person you talked to on the phone?: Some person who sold my boss a trailer
95. last dream you can remember?: Yes. See my blogs about them

That was fun. Your turnif you have time.

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