Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is This How Strait Girls Do It????

Beloved and I went to the Bonnie Raitt Concert. It was fantastic. I cried during “I can’t make you love me” It was beautiful. She was beautiful. Although, wow, she is a lot shorter than I imagined. Dunno.

She said something really cool. I think it shall be one of my new motto’s – “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for people who have already been there.

I liked that.

I have to pay tribute to our seat mates though. We were in a really big concert hall and sitting in theater style seats. On my side was a lady who was wearing Eau de Voddkka. I am sure of it. But she sat like I was going to bite her, I swear. And I didn’t even look gothic or menacing that night. *sigh*

On beloved’s side was a woman who obviously was involved in politics somehow, because that is all she talked about. The governor is screwing this up, the City Council past this and that bill. Loudly. And you could tell she was a bleeding heart liberal (nothing wrong with that, I am too) but she’s the kind that give the rest of us a bad name. A crazy.

We were also, I think , two of maybe 10 people under the age of 50 at the concert.

But it was fun.

Talked to Sweet this morning. Which wouldn’t be unusual if it weren’t for the fact I didn’t talk to her yesterday much. She is sick, and was busy coughing while I purchased my breakfast yesterday. She saw me at lunch, though, and told me she missed me that morning, which made me blush furiously, I was glad she said it in passing and walked off after…But I am pretty sure her snarky metrosexual manager noticed. Gods I hope he doesn’t say anything.

Anyway. So I saw her this morning and she asked me if I was coming in for lunch today. I said I didn’t know and asked why. She says “I am always so busy when you come in and I never get to spend time with you anymore…”

First, is it really spending time together when I go out back with her while she sneaks a smoke? 5 or 10 minutes every three or four days if we get lucky? Is that quality friend time? And when we chat for 5 minutes every morning while she makes my breakfast? I guess since that is how we made friends.

We have talked on the phone two or three times since the invite to the bar, and the invite to Fridays. She seems to think I am funny, which is good. Because I think I am funny but no one else does.

We are supposed to go have drinks with each other after work on Friday. She says she doesn’t mind waiting around while I get off work (she gets off about an hour before me) I should be flattered, yes?

Is it cute she wants to spend time with me, that she misses seeing me? I need a strait girl to tell me where she comes from on all this. Because I don’t have a lot of friends, nor do I know how normal strait girls interact with each other. I haven’t some out yet. Going to do it this Friday. I think. Or will it seem like a date. Because…Ahhhhgh!

Anyway. I suppose unless Beloved calls me for lunch (it is Tuesday and she is working, so it’s a possibility) I will be trotting off to get lunch. Again. I am pathetic.


sunshine said...


I am a straight girl. However I don't know what to tell you. You are just two people. Why should your sexual preferences even need to come up in conversation. Do people with Aids/Asthma/Allergies, do they tell people about it on a first "date". Meeting, whatever you want to call it. NO. I would just continue to be yourself around sweet. If it becomes too much pressure on you to keep it a secret then tell her. I don't know her or you, or how she would feel about your lifestyle, so to be careful I would keep that under wraps for now. My opinion, as you asked for it.

Now, I don't have many girl friends either, but the ones I do have are loyal friends. However those not close to me tend to be backstabbing bitches. Everyone is their own individual. Can't really say.

What? No dreams?? LOL

Alecya G said...

I think I have been too tired for dreams. I haven't had that one lately anyway.

I may not say anythign about it, but Beloved and I do everything together and I don't want her to be left out if she wants to spend time with me and Sweet. Besides, we own a home together, we own everything together. I never doanything without her. It will come up eventually.

Ack. This is why Idon't have friends. Thatr and the whole backtabbing bitch part, which you already covered.

I guess I just htought it odd that she notices when I don't come in or when we don't get to talk to each other.

Saw her out back where we meet today at lunch but she was bent over the railing either a) talking b) kissing or c) getting a light from her ex-boyfriend who works with her. On the off chance it was B, I kept quiet and went to my truck.

Meh. She said she's call me tonight.

I get to go exercise again. Did you ever join a gym?

HistoryGeek said...

So, just a thought, but it is National Coming Out Day today. It's a nice intro, if you're feeling the need to share.

I guess that it can be helpful, if you are feeling feelings for her and are getting the vibe that she's flirting (which can be hard to tell...there's a good, funny book I read which was basically about sorting out when it's "actually" a date with 2 women).

But, sunshine has a point about gauging sweet's opinions, you've got to go with your gut. Although, if she is someone who is radically opposed to who you are, it may also be easier to know now than later.

Charby said...

Thanks for the comment! I promise to be careful on inclines!
I agree with everyone else, unless it becomes a problem there's no need to tell her, but go with your instincts!
Most of my mates are blokes, I have a few girly mates and they're kind, loyal people.

Antonio said...

AG: Idea- maybe you could rag about some obnoxious conservative that you saw on the news and see if Sweet likes to bad-mouth them too. Most of the time I'm an ultra-right winger, but then compassion comes into play, and I remember their feelings. (I was one of Melissa Etheridge's ORIGINAL fans, still hava an autograph from 1989)

Funny thing: Twice in my life I have been completely attracted to a gay female. One a short blonde with a great smile, and the other a sweet younger gal.

I hope you and Sweet find common ground. Keep us posted regardless

Gotta Run Outta Time


Alecya G said...

Ah, I lurve you guys.

Spin - totally not intersted in dating her. I think I had to explain this to Sunshine too. I have a plutonic crush on her. I think she is really cool. I dunno if she is flirting or not. I think she is probably just lonely like me.

I forgot it is natinal coming out day. Wow. I have been ot to my mom for 5 years now. Cool.

Anyway...Charby Spin! I am so happy you came by. Charby I shamelessly stole from you...But I did give you credit. I promise.

I need to figure out how to link so I can put you guys on my sideboard as it were...