Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cranky Day

I’ve managed to get myself into a rather annoying predicament. Its all my fault I admit. I promised my mom I would make my step-sister a Halloween costume. She’s the cutest little thing, I always wanted a little sister, and my mom, in her third mairrage, finally gave me one. She’s turning 6 today and I am supposed to be taking the dress to her birthday party. Oh- she wants to be a princess. (of course)

It started off badly. My mom drops by my house and gives me 2 yards of pink material and a yard of pink chiffon (I called her yesterday to tell her to bring me an accent color and ribbon because that isn’t going to be enough) I ask her where the pattern is. Do you know what she gives me? One of her jean jumpers! She says ‘You’re clever. This is how your grandmother always did it. You don’t need a pattern” My A$$ I don’t! My grandmother had 6 daughters and all of them have managed at least two kids apeice, of which I am the oldest. She’s had more practice.

So I have been cutting and tacking and in general preparing for the easy part, as it were, using the sewing machine. Guess what’s broken. So I took it to her last night to get fixed, she fixes it, and I get home and it promptly breaks again. Guess who gets to go buy a new sewing machine on her lunch break today.

So, on top of all this, I call my granmother to see if she can tell me what I am doing wrong over the phone. Of course not. So she is coming by to our house tonight to look at the machine, which of couse means she is going to try and do it herself, so that I won’t bother her again. I am going to beat her to the punch and get the new sewing machine (which will have an instruction booklet) and tell her at lil bit’s birthday dinner I have it all under control.

Did I mention I am also committed to sewing her comforter, shams and throw pillows for her new bedroom in the house which my motherjust purchased with 3.0?

I think I am cranky today.

I am not looking forward to Lil’ Bit’s birthday dinner either. First, my mom and Beloved do not get along. This is partially because my Beloved is a grounded and sensible a courty girl there ever was. It is also in part because my mom is a bit of a manic depressant bi-polar maniac who lives in a world of her own creation. Now, I know I do too, it says so in my profile, but I can actually extract myself from mine. My mom can’t.

Add to this that instead of going to a restaurant like we had planned, mymother has decided to make mexican at her house. This means that there is much more potential for a scence to be made by my oldest brother (22) who is a total crackhead (not kidding) and last Christmas threw a fit because Lil Bit got more presents than he did. Yeah. Because she’s 5. It also mean she will be drinking (if he is there). Add to this my sulking 13 y/o brother who hates everyone for his dad marrying my mom (ick) an exuberant 10 y/o who just wants someone to pay attention to him, my grandmother and my co-dependent step-father to the mix, and I have a recipe for a mingraine. Oh yeah, and four cats. Did I mention, FOUR CATS? Her house isn’t that big. I also know that her dining room table only seats fourm which begs the question where everyone will sit (I have a feeling I will be at the breakfast bar). And my mom will make a point of ignoring Beloved, or sitting her far away from me, say – in the living room (she did that last Christmas) Yep. Should be lots of fun.

Yep. I’m cranky.

So how are all my blogger buddies?

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