Thursday, October 20, 2005


I am feelign really unmotivated today, and I think I am cranky with pre-girly time hormones.

Of course, it also might be that its getting ready to storm and I wish it would do it already.

I really want to be at home with my cats so...

Updates - Sweet avoided me this morning at breakfast, so I am letting it go. She must be annoyed I couldn't (wouldn't) go with her on Monday. Meh.

I had to rip out the seams of the princess dress again because I sewed them the wrong way. I am so sick of the color pink I hope I never see it again.

I am making good progress on the NaNo outline, and think I might actually make it, despite what Beloved says. She tells me not to get my hopes up, its a lot of writing.

And she's right. Plus Thanksgiving, her birthday, my grandmother's birthday and our anniversary are all in November as well. But I will get 50 K I am sure of it!!! Mwua hahahahah!

Gave Annie and Jolie (beagle and mastiff mix) a bath last night. Boy, it was fun. Annie is still missing fur on her rear from her allergies and she looks pathetic. I need to get them some new hay for the ban, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I want to go to a feed store and not Walmart, because they will leave their hay in the rain because its just for people who put it on their porch at Halloween.

Cats are still mad about their bath. Jack isn't as puffy as he was. That first day he looked like he had gotten into some fabric softener he was so fluffy.

I think s that s it, yeah.



sunshine said...

Whew. I don't think I stopped to take a breath.

You have two dogs and you keep them outside : (

Alecya G said...

I have two cats and I keep them inside. :)

I just couldn't make Annie and Jolie stay inside. Annie was an indoor dog and we got to where she didn't want to come in. And Jolie is just too big. But they are warm, and well loved, I promise.

And its warm here. Heck, it was 80 today. If it gets too cold in the winter, we bring them in.